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Amelia | Ultimate Music Experience

The Best Music Bot with the Best, Highest Quality you ever used!

All needed Commands for your Server

Are you sick of having a Music Bot with thousands Commands? Amelia has all Commands needed in just one Single Bot!
Tho they don't see like "much" you can use our Command structures to add one of the 44 Filters!

Ultimate Music Experiences means, 44 Filters to adjust your Audio!

We are using FFMPEG, to give you the highest Audio Quality possible! As a matter of fact, we spawn them instantly and have no lag at all!

Spotify, Soundcloud, Youtube, and 1100+ Other Links Supported!

We Support everything you listen to! INCLUDING PLAYLISTS AND 20 PREDEFINED, optimized, PLAYLISTS! (mix)

Clear Interface, with Logs and instant Buttons!

So that you can get all you want instantly from the Bot, and see everything what/who happened!

Frequently Asked Questions

Amelia Source code ?

We have opened the source code, if you want Amelia's code, please join our Github.

Is Amelia suitable to accompany your day ?

Of course Amelia will be very happy. :D

Amelia's music quality ?

Of course with good music performance we present to you.

Does Amelia have a community ?

We have a Community with adequate comfort.

Campfire at Night 🔥 | Discord

Our Discord Server

At our Discord Server, we make this server a comfortable and secure community!
We are constantly growing our Community and happy to help you! There's a lot of fun on our server, so let's join!